We wish to help you resolve your issue as soon as possible. Before contacting us, please do read through our FAQ’s for troubleshooting for well known issues. 

Should you not find your issue within the FAQ’s please do not hesitate to contact us.
To do this in app, press the Settings icon, 'Help' then 'contact us' and send us a message. Please be aware our office hours are weekdays 10am-6pm GMT. We can get quite busy, so we may not reply instantly!
To check for our replies, please follow the same process and go to Settings, 'Help' then 'contact us'.

When enquiring about an issue with the game, please include:

-  Your exact device (make and model)
-  The Season/Day/Episode you are having problems with
-  The email address/Facebook name you used to create your account (Please note that   Google Play accounts and Game Center accounts are not valid in the game)
Thank you once again for your continued patience and support. We hope to get your game back to working order as soon as possible. 

Stay Hydrated! X